Every year thousands (60,000) of Defence Service Pensions retire from those 10 to 15% i.e. upto 9000 come to Maharashtra.  All these pensions are a disciplined lot and their experience and other virtues and potential can be utilized for the common good of the society in general.  Since all the defence service persons retire between the age of 40 to 50 years (due to their peculiar service conditions), they do face a few problems after retirement and their resettlement in the states responsibility. 

Every citizen of the country would feel proud to help them in their hour of need. IESL is the premier, NGO looking after the interests of Ex-Servicemen.  It is a nationwide organisation having oversees affiliations and officers in all states.  It was set up in 1964 by FM Carriappa and the Bombay (State) unit established in 1968 by Lt. Gen. SPP Thorat.  It is a non political body and generally engaged in social work initiatives for betterment of quality of life of Ex-Servicemen, War Wounded and widows

The membership is 20000 in a 4 lac strong Ex-Servicemen community in Maharashtra.  Many eminent Ex-servicemen include MLAs Late Col. R. D. Nikam and Col Proudfoot have been officer bearers Brig. Sudhir Sawant (Ex-MP) is a patron.  The Governor is the patron of the organisation.  The organisation is popularly known as the league. 

We have in the past have extended scope to support other ex-servicemen organisation, training and consultancy for self employment in the process of organisation building.  The main important work is to represent the various problems of Schemes to the Govt.  In this regard on national level one rank one pension and such were demands are presented by the Indian Ex-Services League before the Central Govt.  At the state level many of our demands, our other demands we fulfilled by the good offices of then C. M. Mr. Sharad Pawar (1989) e.g.  Separate Department in Mantralaya for Ex-Servicemen.  Appointment of Lt. Col. Nikam in Legislative Council.

In the recent year the IESL had under taken the following important initiatives:-
       (a)        Petitioning Govt about Guard Board Act.
       (b)        Fund Generation from MSRDC, CIDCO, etc.
       (c)        Support of Housing initiatives.
       (d)       Training Centre for PSAR Act.
       (e)        Training Centre at Karjat Land.


We have already made a beginning with security awareness at Mumbai.  Some of the issues which will be addressed in seminars.
       (a)        Appropriate technology and indigenous defence production.
       (b)        Under employment/self employment.
       (c)        Women in Security.
       (d)       Capital Markets/BSE.
       (e)        Guard Board Act affecting Ex-Servicemen.
       (g)        Kargil – Tehlaka- Kandhar in prospective  
       (h)       Housing.



            We have a state wide network of offices.  We have 35 Dist. Centres and Six regional Representatives

    Rank      Name       Year      
    Lt. Gen.    S.P.P. Thorat     1968 - 1973      
    R. Admiral      B. A. Samson     1973 - 1974      
    Brig.     J.F.N. Vakil      1974 - 1980      
    Air Cdr.     J. B. Dordi    1980 - 1985      
    Air Cdr.      M. S. Dandekar    1985 - 1987      
    Maj.   Gurudev Singh     1987 - 1988      
    Lt. Col.     V. B. Kale     1988 - 1989      
    Capt.(Navy)    D. V. Gandhi   1989 - 1995      
    Maj.      R. G. Telang     1995 - 1997      
    Hav.    Bhalchandra Kathale    1997 - 2003      
    Hav.(Adv)    Peter Dantas     2003 - to date      




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